Chestnut in the museums

01 juillet 2017

Cévenol Museum

A great many items are displayed on three levels, enabling the visitor to travel in time, from prehistoric times to our days, understand the diversity of the area around Le Vigan, from the slopes of Aigoual to the Blandas and Campestre plateaux and enter into the life of its inhabitants over the centuries.

Désert Museum

The museum is situated in the centre of a typical cévenol hamlet, in the house where Rolland, the Camisard leader was born. Along its fifteen rooms we revisit the huguenot past and the story of the Camisards uprising : cévenol furniture, household objects of the 18th century, the recreation of an evening by the fire, we are shown the hiding places for wanted men or forbidden books.

National Cévennes Park

The houses in the Park
The visitor will find there all the information needed to discover the National Park. The houses in the Park also hold temporary and permanent exhibitions. Staff are available to give information about the rules and regulations of the Park.